August 14-126, 2020 in  Las Vegas at the Orleans Hotel & Casino.

HypnoThoughts Live 2020


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Yes! I'm gonna be there! I'm so fortunate that I will be offering a two-hour talk,

and a 1-day post workshop at this conference.


4-time award winning International Hypnosis Trainer, TedX Speaker, Performer and Coach.

  • The receiver of ACHE’s Award of Recognition for an Outstanding Professional Presentation 2019.
  • The receiver of ICBCH’s Award of Contribution to Hypnotherapy 2018.
  • The receiver of ACHE’s Award of Recognition for an Outstanding Professional Presentation 2018.
  • The receiver of IHF’s Award of Excellence of International Education 2013.


  • Certified HNLP & NLP Trainer.
  • Certified Trainer in Brain-based leadership & Training.
  • Certified NLP Practitioner & Master NLP Practitioner.
  • Certified Master Hypnotherapist.
  • Certified Transformational Leadership Consultant.
  • Certified Executive & Professional Life Coach.
  • Certified clinical hypnotherapist.
  • Certified Conversational Hypnotherapist.
  • Certified Ericksonian Hypnotherapist.
  • Instructor of: Body language, mindfullness, self hypnosis & advanced Hypnotherapy & communication.

My schedule Conferences can often be on a tight schedule, and sometimes speakers have multiple talks and workshops. You will be able to find me in the Vendors Room, in the hallway or at my talks.

This is my schedule for this conference.

Vendors Room

We will have my table set up as usual in the Vendors Room. Look for my huge banner, come and say hi, and get some great discounts on books, online products & live Trainings.

2 Hour Workshop/Talk - Instant emotional relief system.Salon B - Sunday 10:00-11:50

What if there was a take me that could either relieve unwanted emotions or reframe them to a positive resource instantly?
There is!
I have developed a brilliant conversational technique that can do precisely that, even without digging deep into the unwanted emotion. Through a smart set up, you can guide your client through a simple process, where they do the process even without knowing! What’s even better about this process, is the new contestant on the go, and also have the conscious mind to try, and I’m doing after the conversation! The conscious mind will actually fail to do this, but instead, activate the new resources and boost them up even further. The technicality within the process is that the neurological network that was in charge of the unwanted emotion of the negative emotion does not exist anymore but is now a connected network of positive resources. Therefore relapse of falling back into old habits is impossible.
What will attendees learn in this class?:
* A step-by-step guide on how to do this process.
* Insights and techniques to be able to perform this system.
* Hands-on practice in the class supervised by Martin Castor.

Pre-Conference Training - Monday the 17thPEP Talking - Performance Enhancement Protocol

In many years of being a featured keynote speaker, and respected international trainer, I know quite a bit about performance and performance optimization! Even in my younger years, when I was a high-level martial arts athlete, and playing ice hockey from my early teens way up to my 40s! Being an athlete myself and working with professional athletes on an international scale for many years, taught me a thing or maybe a thousand, to be honest!
Performance and motivation are the same in every branch and category when it comes to human beings, sports, or business! The way the brain honors success and gives stimuli of pleasure is the same neurological process no matter how you get there! The question is, what is preventing the individual from getting full benefits of their success when it comes to the body, the mind, and both consciousness!
This class will focus on the protocols that are necessary to change the neural networks, and what might limit you from gaining full benefits of your success and feeling great doing it! There will be techniques of how to optimize your skills and how fast you can tap into knowledge and wisdom.
That will be focusing on techniques and insight of how to accelerate any creative thinking process, and being, getting into and staying within the flow.
I have used this technique with all types of clients. Both in hypnosis sessions and just regular conversational-based meetings! I love working with this type of concepts because all clients are not just about ”the problem”! It can also be about optimization and Enhancement.
What will attendees learn in this class?:
– How to work with people in sports and athletes.
– How to work with CEOs and businesses.
– How to work with people Like decisions, artists, singers, and actors.
– Work with anyone who wants to be a better, faster, and more powerful self.
– how to conduct performance optimization.
– Base your session on how the brain works and modern conversational hypnotherapy.


ARE YOU CURIOUS? I might have something you will find interesting!

From my many years as a speaker and presenter, I have many many recordings from all over the world.
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HypnoThoughts Live 2020

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How do I register?

There are different ways to register.
1: If it is the conference, then click the conference registration link, and you will automatically get access to my talks, and all the other amazing presenters.
2: For pre and post, it might not be necessary to register for the conference, and in some cases, the Pre and Post will be an additional charge.
In case it is, there will be a registration link on this site, right next to the pre/post description.

Can i invite my friends to join this conference?

Yes, please! Share, invite, comment on social media, and spread awareness. That would be lovely. More people can utilize these tools, and we can create a better world.

Are there any requirements?

For conferences, no! Everyone whos interested can most likely attest. Primarily it is certified hypnotists, though.

For Pre/post – in most cases, it is add-on tools, so it would mostly require that you’re a certified hypnotist/hypnotherapist.

Anything else I need to know??

There are a few things!
1: Stay at the hotel/location to utilize your network and get to know people better. That will expand your professional network in many ways.

2: Book some extra days. To adjust and hang out, even to go sightseeing. A conference can be hectic, and we all wish we had more time. So all the social activities usually start a few days before and last until a few days later, depending on the conference.

3: If you miss any talks because it is hard to decide. Some conferences and some speakers record everything. So it might be possible to buy the recording.